Want to go from wanting more Money to Creating it?
The key is to Rewire your Brain for More Revenue.
  You started your business to have an impact on the world 
while earning an 
income that would
 create freedom 
for you 
and your family.  
But things haven't gone exactly the way you planned so...
You’ve read all the books, taken the online courses, listened to the social media consultants and marketing gurus
But something is getting in the way.
 You can't break through to that life-changing level of income you've always dreamed of.

Here's what's blocking you.

The money stories that you internalized when you were younger have become your own money story.
What you saw and heard is programmed into your subconscious mind and is running on autopilot.

"It's greedy and selfish to want money"
"Making money is a struggle"
"Money makes people angry"
"Our family doesn't have a lot of money"

Your money beliefs aren't your fault but WILL affect what you THINK, FEEL, and how you ACT when it comes to creating ABUNDANCE.

Does this sound familiar?

"I know I'm undercharging for my services but asking for more makes me feel like an imposter."
"I feel pressure to work with clients who I know aren't right for me because it's been so hard to attract my ideal clients consistently.  I feel like I'm settling."
"I dread having money conversations with clients.  I try to avoid them.  Sometimes I hope for a no-show on a discovery call so I don't have to talk about money."
"It feels wrong to charge for helping people."  
"I have to work constantly and sacrifice my relationships to be successful.  Earning money is a struggle.  When I see other entrepreneurs online talking about their 5-figure months it doesn't feel possible for me."



Finishing up a sales call with a potential client and confidently communicating the price of your program without hesitation.

Speaking with unshakeable certainty about the value of your service and then receiving the full payment just a few minutes after the call.

How does it feel to...
>>create the financial freedom that eliminates  your money stress for good.

>>attract the clients you want, work the hours  you want and have time for the people and things you love.

>>look at your bank statement with calm and security knowing there is more than enough.

Here's What You Need To Know!

Your mind is wired to keep you safe, not to help you earn more money.

That inner dialogue that talks you out of going for it is  your mind's way of keeping you in your comfort zone.
Success is an Inner Game
Limiting beliefs about money and worthiness will block you from taking action on your strategy.  
So no matter how brilliant that strategy is, you've got to change your beliefs about money to create the income you desire.
Here's the Truth
Your money beliefs were wired into your brain decades ago and have been reinforced ever since.  To change those beliefs you need to replace your old programming and rewire in new beliefs.
When you know your worth, and transform your relationship with money you instantly unblock and free yourself to take the action that will get you to your revenue goals.

AND it doesn't have to take months of coaching or therapy to change.

I've created a solution that quickly crushes your money blocks so you can get on with creating financial freedom.


In as little as 10 minutes a day you'll 
Rewire your mind for MORE BUSINESS SUCCESS.

Valued at $297
It's Yours for just 

What's included
Learn the simple 3-Step Core Mindset Process for Rapid Transformation

  • THE RULES OF THE MIND-gain control of your thinking and work WITH your mind instead of against it.
  • NO LONGER OPERATE ON AUTOPILOT - Manage your mind and eliminate those constant looping thoughts. 
  • Say goodbye to procrastination, self-sabotage and imposter syndrome.
Phase 1 - Identify Your Underlying Limiting Beliefs About Money and Success

  • Learn THE 5 SIGNS OF A SCARCITY MINDSET & how to change them for good.
  • ​Uncover Your Specific Money Blocks
  • MAKE THE CONNECTION​from your past experiences  to present ways of thinking that keep you stuck in your business. 
  • ​Explore your FEELINGS OF SELF-WORTH and clarify the WHY behind your goals.

Phase 2 - Rewire Your Mind with New Positive Money Beliefs 
  • THE FEEL WORTHY FORMULA - recognize your value, and remove self-doubt.
  • ​Learn to CONNECT DIRECTLY WITH YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND - tap into your true potential using a variety of mindset techniques.
  • ​Choose your money beliefs and develop a MINDSET OF RECEIVING.
Phase 3 – Take Inspired Action and Increase your income
  • Overcome the Resistance and Fear that are holding you back from success.
  • 30 DAYS OF DARES - upgrade your habits of action and further wire in your new beliefs.
  • ​Get rid of your overwhelm by designing an action plan that aligns with the rules of your mind.
Daily bite-sized Lessons Direct To Your Inbox
  • EASILY INTEGRATE these straightforward concepts into your routine in just a few minutes a day.
  • Use the THE 21 DAY TRACKER to record your daily actions, feelings and results while you’re in the bootcamp. 
  • ​Daily guidance and accountability delivered to your inbox.

A complete Money Mindset ToolKit
  • EXERCISES, ACTIVITIES & TOOLS based in cognitive psychology, mindfulness, and hypnosis.
  • Individual lessons build on each other to give you small daily wins AND big results overtime.
  • At the end of 21 days you have an AMAZING MINDSET TOOLKIT which you can use again and again .                                                                                                      


 Get Visible Guidebook
a $27 Value
  • Identify which common limiting beliefs stop you from being visible, where they come from, and how to quickly change them so you show-up more consistently in your business.                                                                                                                       
   3 Day Self-Care Challenge
   A $37 Value
  • Reconnect to your physical, emotional and spiritual side.
  • Bring your best self to your business everyday with the energy and excitement necessary to uplevel your income.                                                                                                                              
Tell your mind better things Training Workbook!  A $97 Value
  •  The most influential words you hear are the ones you say to yourself. 
  • ​Learn how common words and phrases are reinforcing your limiting beliefs about yourself and your ability to achieve financial freedom. 
  • Talk to your mind so you feel good and take positive action in your business.
  • Learn the exact words and phrases to positively influence your thoughts and beliefs

Confident Female Entrepreneur Video Series
A $97 Value

  • You don’t have to be born confident to feel and act that way - it's a skill you can learn.
  • ​In this 3 part video series you’ll learn the 3 Confidence Crushers and how to overcome them
  • The One simple action that’s guaranteed to make you feel more confident.
Hi, I'm Laura
Rapid Transformational Coach for ambitious female entrepreneurs.

I'm here to help you transform your business and life. To run your business from a place of confidence, abundance, and worthiness.

I work with female entrepreneurs like you who want more impact, income, and freedom in their business and life but are struggling to get to that 6-figure + level.

You see everyone around you achieving success but something is blocking you. Self-doubt, fear, feelings of not being enough are getting in the way.

I’ve watched so many amazing women hold themselves back but I also know what’s possible when you truly believe in yourself and do the deep inner work to change. I faced the same struggle in my life and business and went searching for answers.

It wasn't until I did the work of clearing my subconscious beliefs that I found myself, my purpose, and was able to take my coaching business to the next level.

This was a complete game-changer.
I did the work and changed my life and business.

Let’s face it

Doing more of what you’ve been doing, - working longer and harder without confronting your inner obstacles -  won’t bring you the clients and income you aspire to.

You’ve tried that and yet here you are!

None of the external stuff will matter if you don’t have the 
mindset to implement it. 

There's Another Way

 Quickly release the self-doubt, fear, and feelings of unworthiness and rewire your mind so you show up in your business consistently and authentically to create the income and impact you desire.

Here's my promise to you...
I’m a small business owner just like you. I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in a digital product. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that should have been a blog post.

I’m extremely proud of the products I create and know anyone who buys them and implements the strategy will be thrilled with their purchase.

That’s why I’m offering a 14-day money-back guarantee. While I can’t guarantee that my product will quadruple your email list, followers, or dollars, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of this strategy and process and the time and stress it will save you.

Of course, if you’re not happy with this product, I will refund your money within 14 days.

Passionate about the work you do but you know you've been holding yourself back and            aren't sure how to change.

SO  OVER watching other female entrepreneurs earn multi six-figures while you struggle to     get to your first $100k

Ready to move past fear, imposter-syndrome, and feeling not enough and instead show up     authentically and consistently in your business.

Tired of undercharging for your life-changing work and are ready to embrace money                 conversations with clients.

Ready to put your money worries behind you for good.


x Deep down you aren't sure you can change your thinking or beliefs..

x You aren't committed to following the Bootcamp for 21 days.

x You’re not an action-taker.

x You are not willing to show up AND connect with authenticity.

x You don't think that shifting your money mindset is important.
"I first began to work with Laura, I felt like an empty shell of my former self. I was uncertain about my future, utterly overwhelmed, and generally in a very bad place. With Laura's gentle, patient, supportive guidance, she helped me gain my confidence to rebuild my life under my own terms and find my true self again. I am more confident and no longer feel like a huge black cloud is hanging over my head. I have pursued continuing education for myself and I am now a certified Divorce Mediator and am finishing up a Certified Divorce Coach program. I am starting my own coaching and counseling business to help other women navigate through their own divorces. I owe this huge shift in my life to my work with Laura. I continue to work with her to set and reach goals, find peace and live my best life. I am forever grateful to Laura.”
Kim Lorah, Divorce Coach
"I had been curious about RTT for a while, especially after realizing a childhood trauma was affecting my emotional well-being as an adult. From our first phone conversation, Laura eased any questions, concerns and hesitations I had. She was understanding and compassionate, and I felt comfortable with her right away. The actual RTT session was transformative. Not only did I feel lighter afterwards, but I literally felt an energetic shift during the hypnosis. She was very supportive after our session with check-in calls to answer any questions that came up. Over a month later, I am still listening to my recording, which continues to help me feel empowered, present, and more in love with life. Thank you Laura! '
Sara McGlothlin, Entrepreneur

"Before working with Laura I had the misconception that I had to react to everything or I would explode.
But the truth is, that there's no need or reason to react and explode, and through Laura's RTT, I've learned to be peaceful, and forgiving while being firm with my boundaries, which has had a phenomenal positive ripple effect in my money blocks, anxiety, marriage and motherhood."

marta sauret greca, Creative Director, Speaker, and Coach
in 21 Days YOU COULD...
  • Actually charge the true value of your work. Shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance and earn what you deserve for the life-changing work you do. 
  • Go from self-doubt to self-confidence so you show up consistently in your business increasing your income and impact.
  • Stop living in your head and take decisive action. No more looping thoughts and worry about money.  Attract your ideal clients and grow your revenue.     
  • ​Be your authentic self and stop comparing yourself to others. Recognize your unique gifts and talents and be comfortable sharing them with potential clients. Say goodbye to imposter syndrome.
  • ​Rid yourself of the inner critical voice in your head that tells you, "I can’t." You CAN create the business and revenue you imagine.
  • ​Say goodbye to 12 hour work days with little to show for it. Gain real clarity and focus on the business YOU want. Do only what gets you to your goals and ignore the rest. 



JUST $27

Nothing else you do will have as big an impact on your success and happiness as transforming your thinking and beliefs. 
Once you clear away the negative thoughts about money and worthiness you show up every day as the most confident version of yourself. 

You’re free to implement your brilliant strategy, attract your perfect clients, and make the money you deserve.

When you click the "Yes, I want this!" button above, you’ll be brought to a checkout page where you can enter in your payment information directly.
This is a special offer. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.
Once you sign-up you’ll receive an email for accessing your lesons and bonuses. 
You’ll then receive 21 Daily Emails to guide you through this journey and help you stay accountable.

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Each daily lesson provides motivation and inspiration for sticking with the challenge.
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As a busy entrepreneur, I know how valuable your time is so I’ve designed the program to take about 15 minutes a day.  With just this small investment of time and money, you will start to shift your mindset and show up confidently in your business daily.
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This approach is different from the usual mindset work because we focus on both your subconscious mind (which controls about 90% of your thinking) and your conscious mind. Most other mindset coaching focuses only on your conscious mind which is just 10% of your brain's activity. This program helps you to dig deep and create rapid and lasting change by connecting with your subconscious.

I stand by my 100% money-back guarantee within 14 days of purchase. No worries. BUT, I will also tell you that I'm committed to bringing you the best program that I can - have a suggestion? Let me customize the product for YOUR NEEDS.

You're in luck! I specialize in coaching female entrepreneurs and have several highly effective 1:1 programs to support you in cultivating  your success mindset and growing your revenue. I'm easily reached via email at laura@newjourneylifecoaching.com.
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Total Value = $297

INCOME DISCLAIMER: The sales figures stated above are sales figures from client results. Results are not typical. We are not implying that you will be able to duplicate these results and are using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors...including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action.
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